Making Business Connections Since 2003.

Greensboro Leads Group is a lively networking base for people who are dedicated to growing their business, while helping others with the same goal to grow theirs. We accomplish this through a consistent sharing of qualified leads and business contacts, during a specified weekly gathering, where we also enjoy getting to know each other and building valuable relationships together. It's networking at its finest...and funnest. Our wonderfully diverse group, including attorneys, accountants, landscapers, healthcare provider, etc., meet every Wednesday morning in downtown Greensboro to spend a couple of enjoyable, and productive, hours interacting and sharing. It's a great balance of business and pleasure, and it's growing itself! Our member list is getting larger every week. Learn more about Greensboro Leads Group in the About Us section, and then come visit us!


I've made seriously profitable business contacts and lifelong friends.

Mike M., Photographer