Welcome to Greensboro Leads Group

Greensboro Leads Group came together from a desire within our business community to pool our individual strengths and resources in an effort to not only grow our personal businesses, but to improve the overall business community. People from a wide range of businesses meet in downtown Greensboro each Wednesday morning from 7:45 to 9:00 am (excluding holidays) to present information about themselves and their businesses, as well as to gather/share mutually beneficial leads and contacts among each other. We also plan special events and guest speaker opportunities throughout the year, which further brings us together and allows us to build on our valuable relationships.

Below is a list of our current members. They, as well as new members, follow a set of guidelines that include the pleasure of meeting one-on-one with another member at least three times a month, presenting two referrals a month, and bringing one visitor to a weekly meeting per month. As a visitor, you are invited to attend a total of three of the morning meetings. We feel sure you’ll want to come back for more. If you’re interested in growing your business and helping other grow theirs, please connect with us by clicking on the Contact Us page and filling out the form there. We’d love to start interacting with you!


Member List

Scott Beane
Roget Berendes
Lonnie Blumenthal
Jan Branyon
Nathan Cashwell
Teresa Class
Chad Collins
Ron Fulcher
James Halsch
Doug Heckinger
Susan Hunt
Ed Kuhlenkamp
Christina Larson
Carol Lawless
Adam Lemmert
Robert Martin
Michael Micciche
Tonya Morris
Chris Newsome
LJ Olsen
Kristen Reagan
Gregg Schlaudecker
Nancy Seay
Scott Stevens
Abby Sutton
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